About Raxon

Raxon 540 Filler and 540 Filler Express

The Raxon brand is about focusing on what is important to the modern day automotive refinish business. With years of experience in dealing with the business at every level, we choose products based on high standards and conformity to the ever increasing standards imposed upon refinish products.

Products are tested and re-tested

All our products under go a rigorous testing programme. We test for things like toxicity, environmental consideration, flammability, safety hazards, durability, functionality, usability, and ensuring that all of our labelling, Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets are up to date meet every legal requirement.

Customer Service

Because of our network of vehicles and our online and telephone services, we have close relationships with all of our customers. Or hands on approach allows us to deal with all technical queries immediately. Our customer service goes beyond professional to a one on one relationship.